I always knew being a mom is the most fulfilling experience. What I didn’t realize is how exhausting it is. Well, not until I became a mom myself.

Two months ago started my endless journey as a mom when I gave birth to my Juliana Sophia, or simply Jhia. She was the tiniest, loveliest creature I ever held. Being a first timer, I am totally clueless of what’s ahead of us then. Well I used to babysit my nieces and nephews but then it isn’t the same pala when it comes to your own child. You have to learn everything – from carrying her, bathing, putting her to sleep, feeding her. I thought I have learned so much only to find out I almost knew nothing.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought. As a newborn, Jhia cries a lot I can’t figure out why. She always wanted to be held, never liked being on her crib. For the first few weeks, we needed to sleep in  the sala. Giving birth via C-section, I am unable to go up and down the stairs so we needed to leave our room for a while. Hence, sleeping in the sala and Jhia on her crib, which she seemingly hate. She feeds every two hours so I needed to get up. There were nights I fall asleep while nursing her and it scares me that she might fall. During the day, I cannot do other task since she won’t let me. It was very timely that my husband is on a break from work. He’s been staying at home for a few weeks now and is in charge the household i.e. Daily wash of the cloth diapers. It has become his daily task since I’m stuck with Jhia.

It’s been two months now since my life turned upside down. But of all the twists and turns, this is indeed the sweetest I would always love to look back someday. In this life, I’ve got so many ‘no’s. Having Jhia is just one ‘yes’ I’ve got.

Untidy room and cabinets, skipped meal time, broken sleeping pattern, body ache. True, being a mom is a 24/7 duty, no break time, no day off. But God, I won’t exchange any opportunity to hold my little kid to anything, even if it means all the mess in the world.

Motherhood is exhausting, frustrating and depressing at times but definitely the most fulfilling job ever. ❤️

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