Save Galatea Marie

In our few days stay in the NICU, I have learned about the story of Galatea Marie.

She was born June 09 at only 28 weeks. Her mother suffered from severe pre-eclampsia causing them both to almost lost their lives. It was God’s miracle that they both survived. However, baby Galatea has to stay in the NICU for two months to cope up with the early birth.

As both Galatea and her mom, LisaMarie, had to stay in the hospital for weeks, their bill blew up consuming all their savings. Right now, they are doing fund raising activities and setting up donation boxes with the help of their family and friends.

Both Galatea and her mommy LisaMarie needs help in terms of finances, breast milk and prayers. Mommy Lisa was already discharged from the hospital while baby Galatea needed to stay for a few weeks more and with that, their hospital bill is continuously increasing. Not to mention extra expenses for baby’s needs like Human breastmilk fortifier which is only available in other countries and blood donations which she needs for transfusion. It breaks my heart to remember seeing her being transfused with blood the last time I was with my daughter.

I’ve seen how Baby Galatea is fighting for her life. Her body may be weak as she is a premie but her heart and soul is brave enough to be fighting at a really early age.

Let us help save baby Galatea. Visit and like her page Save Galatea Marie for more information and updates on Galatea’s condition, or go to For breast milk and other donations in kind, you may also contact LisaMarie Santos at +63 943 4800848.

A generous person will prosper; Whoever refreshes other will himself be refreshed. -Proverbs 11:25

Thank you so much in advance. God bless us all.

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