Home, Finally.

Day 7 (Saturday, July 16)

When you asked something form God, it isn’t always a yes. Sometimes, he asks you to wait.

Excited, we arrived at the hospital at around 12nn. We were expecting to be home by 4pm. But since Jhia’s last dose of antibiotic is scheduled at 5-6pm, we went home late afternoon.

Nevertheless, we’re happy to be home.

There were my parents-in-law, my sister and my brother. My pamangkins, of course. Kuya and Migs are over skype.

Well I guess today, my life has changed. I am already with the little girl who will call me mommy in a few months.For now, it’s all just about crying and changing diapers and breastfeeding

My little Jhia,

It is always lovely to carry you in my arms. No matter how tired and sleepy I am, I will always love to be with you. Daddy and I loves you so much and nothing will ever be as precious as you. Today marks our first day together at home. No adjustments will ever be hard if it is all for you, little darling.

Remember that mommy and daddy loves you so much. And so as mama and papa, and mama and papa, and titos and titas and ates and kuyas.

Happy one week, my little kid. 

And welcome home.

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