Mommy Diary

July 09, 2016. One of the most wonderful day in my life: the day I gave birth to my little Ma. Juliana Sophia “Jhia”. ❤


Birth Story

Around 7am, I woke up feeling something down there – something that feels like it’s my first day of menstruation. I thought it was only the usual white discharge but when I went to check in the restroom, it was what they call a mucus plug. I hurriedly woke up my husband, told my OB my water bag broke, took a little time to bath and then went to hospital; handed the Doctor’s order to the hospital staff and headed straight to the labor room where we waited for my delivery. IV inserted on me, baby’s heart rate monitor on my side. Bleeding continues.

At 11am, OB arrived to check on me. Open cervix, 2 cm, leaking water bag. Induced labor was ordered. Still monitoring the baby’s heart rate. With the induction, I started to feel the contraction and the pain gets even more intense and more frequent.

Around 4pm, everyone got alarmed. OB came, checked up on me – 5cm. Contraction in every 3 minutes with so much pain but still I claimed it to be tolerable. However, baby’s heart rate is becoming tachy – her heart beats faster than the normal. It beats at 160 to even 180. Normal range is 120-150 only. OB then explained to me the pros and cons of what’s happening. The pedia also came to explain. Me and my husband alongside monitored her heartbeat for a while, and then once and for all decided: Let’s go for CS. The baby’s at risk and no parent would want that.

At 5:30PM, I was brought inside the delivery room and so the operation started. I was sedated. Next thing I know, it’s all over.

The next few things I remember was being nauseated from the recovery room to the hospital room and only hearing voices from the nurses and visitors because every time I’d open my eyes, every thing just turns around.

Upon going back to my room, I heard my husband, my sister and my nephew. Few minutes later, there were my parents-in-law. Nurse comes in every so often to check on me while I call for either kuya or Prince every time I’d vomit. A few times also, I try to open my eyes but only to feel dizzy again.

Day 1 (July 10, Sunday)

OB advised that I should start moving and taking foods little by little. I was injected a medicine to help stop the vomiting so I was able to eat. Started from crackers and water to soft foods. Slowly, I felt better. No more dizziness and vomiting.

It’s just sad the Jhia wouldn’t be brought to us yet. She was put under observation due to a series of vomiting every after feeding. I was advised by the Pedia to go down to the NICU as soon as I can to start feeding her with my breast milk.

The whole family was there: my parents, my sister and pamangkins, and my in-laws. It’s pretty overwhelming that the whole clan was there waiting and wanting to see the little kid. We also got surprise visitors: hubby’s HS friends Buda and Bryan. Sure, the little kid was happy as well. They all went to see her at 7pm viewing time.

At around 9pm, I went down to the NICU and started breastfeeding Jhia. We both had a good start as she knows how to suck and I guess that stimulated my milk.

Day 2 (July 11, Monday)

OB arrived at 8am for wound dressing. She also announced that I can be discharged the next day. Yeeey! Pedia arrived at lunch time and broke the news: Jhia has an infection and has to stay in the NICU for medication and a series of tests. As per Dra. Rivera, it was either an infection in the urine or in the blood. Wish it wasn’t anything worst.

This day, I started breastfeeding Jhia more often. I had no problem feeding her, thank you Lord for my breast milk! (hehe) Also, I’ve found a way to be with my baby for the next day, I will be discharged and Jhia will be left in the NICU. Sad. 😦

Day 3 (July 12, Tuesday)

No more IV, started taking oral meds. Discharged order was already issued and bill was already paid.

Dra. Rivera told us Jhia needed to stay in the hospital for further examination and continuous antibiotic intake. It’s sad that I had to leave first. And sadder, that it seems like she knew I was leaving and will not be able to feed her the usual time we do. She doesn’t want to be put on her baby bed. She’d cry every time I’d put her down but would only sleep every time I cradle her.

I cried the whole time I was being discharged because it breaks my heart going home without her.

Day 4 (July 13, Wednesday)


At past 12nn, Dra. Rivera called and informed us that Jhia’s tests showed infection in her urine. Good thing she’s showing improvements and is getting better each day. Thank you, Lord. I again stayed in the hospital for quite a while to breastfeed Jhia while I tried to hand express at home.

Day 5 (July 14, Thursday)

Another good news! The little kid’s repeat CBC showed normal WBC and no growth which may indicate sepsis. We were advised that Jhia may come home by Saturday. God is good!

Still visiting Jhia. How I love to be with her and wish I can take her home. Fast forward to Saturday, please.

Day 6 (July 15, Friday [Today])

Went back to the NICU at around 3pm to breastfeed Jhia. We were informed that Jhia would definitely go home by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you father Lord!

Everybody’s too excited for the little kid. Kuya and Ate already scheduled for a skype session while the rest are waiting for her. What can I say? Our newborn’s just everyone’s ‘apple of the eye’.

Thank you everyone. It was unfortunate that we had to go through this but your love for Jhia is what keeps her strong despite being IV-ed immediately after birth. We are both grateful for you.

Thank you father for your guidance. We know that this is just the beginning but you will not let us down. I love you, God. Thank you for giving us our little Jhia and for keeping us safe. We love you, Lord. We are forever grateful to you.


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