Twenty eighth.

Yes, and who cares? AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. Lols.

Twenty Eight. And very blessed. I have a loving family, supportive friends, the best husband of all and about to give birth to a cutie little darling. What else can I ask for?

Anyways. This year, surprisingly, I had a three-part celebration. First was June 18, in which we celebrated my birthday, Ading’s and father’s day. There was sans family, my in laws and my pamangkins, including Grace, Nunoy and MV. Kuya’s kids were supposed to be here but blah blah blah they weren’t able to come.

Second was last Saturday. Surrrprays! Hubby and my gerls, together with Kuya Jolo and Izia, and sans and the boys surprised me with a baby shower. Hooray! Truth is, I kinda had a hint that it was going to happen (hoho. sorry) but, yeah, I was still surprised. To cut the story short, we headed to the salon for my haircut after my scheduled check up and went home with the gerls around.

Lastly was Monday, my exact birthday. Annually, I really have no plans but to chill on my special day. Prince treated me to a spa. Sans said they were coming over so we decided to prepare a little salo salo. Prince cooked pasta then we bought BBQ and roasted chicken. Hooorah! Dinner was served. Family time. Yes, that’s how I’d always wanted to spend my day: with my family.

Twenty eight years in this world. I’ve got my family who always got my back, sister-friends who always have been there for me, the kids who are my source of strength and joy, a devoted husband who loves me unconditionally, and soon to have a little kid who will be my source of happiness and fulfillment. And of course, a father up there who always guides me in everything. Thank you, Lord. What more could I ask for?

On the day, 27th of June, 2016, there’s nothing but all gratefulness in my heart for being one blessed creation of God. All glory to you, father. Thank you for everything in this world. Thank you for my life. ❤

06272016. 28 by age, young at heart, baby by face. *wink*


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