The Winning Piece

So I joined in this little contest in a group wherein we were asked to share an inspiring story of getting married and pregnant in the right time. Hoping to inspire my fellow members, I shared my story. Here’s what I wrote:

Im glad to share my story. I was raised old school in this modern time. While lahat ng kaage ko pumaparty, ako bawal magstay sa labas lalo hanggang sa dumilim. Would you believe at the age of 20, I was in college, de sundo pa ako kapag may class ako na hanggang 9pm. Hindi din ako pinapayagan lumabas with friends kahit Star City lang yan. So lahat talaga ng lakwatsa nagawa ko lang nung nagttrabaho na ako. Pero I was allowed to have a boyfriend naman basta mag aral lang daw muna. I felt so different from other people na ka age ko na naexperience pumarty kasi feeling ko may naenjoy sila na hindi ko naexperience. Naiinis pa ko sa tatay ko kapag 6pm and pinapauwi na ako. Pero later on narealize ko din kung para san ung paghihigpit at mga pangaral nila. I never learned to drink or to smoke. Lumalabas naman ako with friends but they call me cinderella. I finished a degree, not with flying colors pero nakatapos ako at nagkaron ng magandang trabaho. I got married to an engineer at the age of 26 and now pregnant with our first child. (Turning 28 na ako). It pays to be different sometimes. Sabi nga nila you don’t have to fit in. Sabi nila boring daw ng buhay ko. Hindi naman. At least masaya ako na nagagawa ko kung ano ung gusto ko, nakakapunta ako kahit san ko gusto, nabibigyan ko ng magandang buhay ung pamilya ko, at may maganda akong maisshare sa magiging anak ko. Hindi po kami mayaman. In fact muntik na kong di makaenroll ng one last sem. Nagtyaga lang talaga ako gaya ng turo ng magulang ko. More than the price po gusto ko lang maishare sa inyo na kapag nakatapos ka ng pag aaral, hindi lang magandang opportunity ang lalapit sayo. Pati tamang tao na sasamahan ka sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo. 😁

✌🏼️sorry mahaba ✌🏼️

Luckily, my story was chosen and I won the contest. Yay! Forget about the prize, I actually don’t know about it. Hehe. I’ve been reading teenage stories in the same group. Not that I’m judging them but I’m still hoping I could make a change with my story. Or at least I could spare other young adult members of the group from going astray.

Life isn’t becoming any easier and time and resources get limited as we grow old. So it’s important we learn from every mistake and make use of the lessons we learn. I always tell my nieces and nephews this: whatever happens, obey your parents before you obey your instinct. They may always say papunta ka pa lang pabalik na sila and you may not feel like it, there’s always a reason for every limitation and teachings they give you. Believe me, one day life will prove you they’re right. And always, ALWAYS prioritize your studies and get a degree.

And again, kapag nakatapos ka ng pag aaral, hindi lang magandang opportunity ang lalapit sayo. Pati tamang tao na sasamahan ka sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo. Yes, take it from me. 😉


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