Family vs. Career

In this era when the cost of living is much higher than before, would you be a housewife or a career mom?

We live in a culture where a woman is highly respected as “ilaw ng tahanan”. It suggests that women take responsibility of the household chores while the men provide for the family. Pero  everybody hopes for a better future and during this time na malaki yung demand ng family living -goods costs too much, even education costs even higher – we come to accept the fact that mom needs to go out and join the work force with dad to provide a better future for the family. Lahat tayo gusto ng magandang buhay but not all of us can afford it. Not every man, regardless of the profession is able to provide for the family. Hence, the need for the spouse’s help. A.K.A the ‘ilaw ng tahanan’ joining the workforce.

Practicality. We have to admit, mom going to work is more practical these days. Gone are women who firmly believe that they should stay at home and focus on taking care of the kids and the household. Most women nowadays prefer to pursue their career than being a plain housewife. 1) Nasanay sa busy and active life ng corporate world; 2) they feel the need for an additional income. You have bills to pay, a fridge to fill, kids to provide for. You need a home of your own, you need to secure education for your kids, and a lot more. Sometimes, you feel like you’re left with no choice but to work as well so you can provide and secure a better future for the family. Not that hindi kaya ni mister. You both are just being practical.

Self fulfillment. As much as we want to fulfill our household duties, many women believe they can be working and be a mom at the same time. Oo nga naman, maganda na ang position mo sa company. Nag eexcel ka na. This is your dream. Why give it up to be a housewife when you can be a working mom naman?

Working mom. Our society now accepts these people hitting two professions at the same time. But what about the family? Yung pamilya na sinisimulan mo, binubuo mo. What about the kids?

While most women would prefer not to end their career, some would still want to focus on the family. It is part of our culture that women stay at home for the housewife duties: taking care of the kids and doing the household chores. In this modern era, there are still some who believe that being a housewife is a profession.

Focused. Housewives claim they spend more time with the family, especially with their kids. A friend of mine told me one thing I will definitely bear in mind: Being a housewife would make you spend more time with the kids, makes you take part in their daily life and watch them as they grow up. Mabilis lang ang panahon. They’re grown ups before you know it. So it is one important thing na maenjoy mo yung panahon na bata sila, at maenjoy nila yung panahong bata sila at nandyan ka para i-guide sila. Check.

Nowadays, we are laid more options when it comes to our family and what we chose depends on how we want and see our future families will become. Our choices should not be a basis for judgement. If there is one thing common for all women: it’s that we all want the best for our families and kids. Whatever choices we make, whether we like it or not, it will always be because, and for our families.

Lastly, sabi nga nila, being a mom is a 24/7 duty. No excuses, no day offs. No ifs, no buts. Being the woman of the house is the hardest yet most fulfilling profession in the world. Yun ang career na lahat ng subject present at maiaapply mong talaga. How you are going to fulfill your ‘woman of the house’ duties will always depend on you. I believe, there is no bad mother. Only a mother that will do anything and will sacrifice everything, including her life, for the good of her family.

I am a first time soon to be mom. I used to spend the last five years of my life in front of the PC for my career. I am married for more than a year now. I was once a workaholic career woman, but have to give it up for my sensitive pregnancy. I had a miscarriage early last year and I’ve learned so much from that. It’s been two months since I immediately resigned from work and been staying at home. I’ve been literally watching the clock tic-toc since then. Truth is, I’ve never imagined myself to be memorizing the daily routine at home. I am so not used to that. I am used to a hectic life. And I admit, I’m still on this phase where I miss the busy life I got used to and would think of something to make it worthwhile but then would feel depress that I can only have limited moves. But of course, it’s my baby more than anything else. I’ve lost one last year and I won’t allow it to happen again so I have to take million care of myself, for me and my baby. We’re on our fourth month and we still have a long way to go. Five more months of waiting and though I get so bored most of the time, I know all of these worries will be taken away when I hold my baby close to me. So, I think I will be counted as one of the stay at home moms. After all, home based works and online shops are in trend so I’m planning to divert my attention if time permits. For now, I am spending my time waiting for the little heartbeat grow inside my tummy, sing songs for him/her (still not sure of the gender), touch him/her in my tummy, tell stories about his/her daddy, and fill him/her with nutrients and love. Still planning to go back to work, though. When? I don’t know yet. What I can assure by now is that I want to be the best mom for the little kid and the best wife to my beloved husband. ❤


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