“Panaginip ko sa habang buhay..
Makapiling ka, makasama ka…”

Ay, ‘Panalangin’ pala yun. ><

Anyway. Do you also find it amazing how your dreams relate to reality? I usually wonder what a certain dream may mean. It sometimes brings memories from the past, answer certain questions, give you signs. But neither of those are proved to be true.

Sabi nila ang panaginip daw ay kabaligtaran ng realidad. One time I dreamed of my niece being killed. I was too afraid to tell my ate pa daw that time because she’s in the states. There’s also this one time when I saw one of my nieces who died. I was too worried when I woke up. Told my sister about it and she said it means that the person will live a longer life, kasi nga kabaligtaran nun ang totoong mangyayari. Well, thankfully wala namang nangyaring hindi maganda sa dalawang pamangkin ko.

They say when you dreamed of loosing a tooth, somebody form the family will die. I’ve dreamed a lot of times about a lost or fallen tooth, but thankfully again, wala namang namamatay or naaksidente from the family.

Too many times, I dreamed of someone who has been a part of me. I’ve been dreaming of him for a long time in which he would always say sorry. There’s even one time that we finally talked and bid each other goodbye. In reality, we never had a closure until years after we ended the relationship. Since then, I never seen him in my dreams anymore. So what could that mean? Na after all those times, all we needed is to talk it over for peace of mind?

I remember a lot of times also that I feel like I’m dreaming pero it’s happening in real life na pala. Like, when mom’s calling me or the phone’s alarm is on. Madalas talaga pumapasok sya sa panaginip ko tapos magigising nalang ako na nag-aalarm pala talaga yung phone ko.

Funny, last Saturday, I woke up at around 8am. It was still too early for me and I was too sleepy but I thought of asking Jian what time is he going to school. I remember he answered that he doesn’t have specific time to go to school so I didn’t woke him up. Turned out nanaginip lang pala ako and that his actual time is 10am. He ended up being late.

Few years back, I remember dreaming of someone out of nowhere. Later on I found out that she gave birth on that day.

Last night, I dreamed of a certain Ian Placio. I remember his face. I know his a classmate not sure in elementary or high school. He’s the poor little kid who goes to school with nothing but a torn notebook and a ballpen. But he’s one of the brightest students and yes, the kindest friend. Surprisingly, he appeared in my dreams last night and that’s when I remembered his whole name. Bigla kolang tuloy syang naisip. Kamusta na kaya sya? Nasan na kaya sya ngayon? Weird, I search on him and find a certain Ian Placio with a picture holding a gun on his head. No other info than that. I have a strong feeling that its him. Now I get so curious about this person. Just so weird.

Dreams connect us to a certain people, time, place and even world in a way we will always find weird or different. I’m sure it tells us something we’re not always able to figure out immediately. Minsan, depende din kung ano ang iniisip natin. It’s a way of escaping the reality or finding an answer to a question. If there is one thing about dreams that I am sure of, it’s that our minds work even when we sleep. Hopes, dreams, work on process, workloads to be done.. sometimes we just get too attached to things that we think of it even when we sleep.

Ikaw, what have you dreamed about? And ano sa tingin mo ang connection nun sa reality mo?

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