I was surprised when I saw this yesterday.

“Frienemies”. We used to call ourselves friends and enemies at the same time. We’ve known each other since our first job. We both belong to the same team but we were not so close then. She was the most talkative and the noisiest. She always cracks a joke that is so korni. But she gets along well with everyone.

She openly shares her dream and what she loves to do. So when I moved to my next job and see a vacancy that could fit her, I did not hesitate to refer her and boom! We were officemates again. That’s when we started being close and establish the kind of friendship we have to this day.

At the beginning, we didn’t get along too well. We fought more often than you can imagine. We even fought through social media sites. AS IN! We disagree every now and then over every little thing. But you know what makes our friendship special? We disagree to agree and agree to disagree. We do face to face trash talking. No if, no buts. If we were real life sisters, our parents could have so much of a headache from our fights. But at the end of the day, we still choose each other. I don’t know, neither of us know why. She’s my comfort friend. I can tell her anything I want. I can be myself whenever I am with her. She pushes me without her knowing. We’re two different people and maybe, just maybe, it’s what they say opposite attracts.

We’ve been together for the past three years that we both learned to be matured and let go of our cat fights. Three years and we’ve been together every single working day and some of our rest days. Travel buddies, food buddies, gala buddies. Our constant third wheeler, my ready-to-go-friend. Together, we are the noisiest but happiest. Apart, we are on our own worlds – headset on, focused on the job, no breaks. yes, we’re more like sisters from another mother.

Last year, we decided to take our  own paths. This time, we did not become office mates anymore. Three years is over and we are on our own now. No more Jhem-Vine tandem. No more noisy duets. It’s hard to adjust but life must go on. We still see each other if our schedule permits. Yesterday, she surprisingly posted that picture. She usually say that she misses us but I felt so overwhelmed when I saw that, and made me look back at what we had together. No, we don’t have that relationship although if one of us was a lesbian, maybe we can give it a try? Hmmmm. Kidding.

It’s not everyday that you meet a person who’s going to be true to you, even when you don’t see each other daily. Friendship isn’t about the daily presence of the other person. It’s about being true behind your back and knowing she’s by your side despite the distance. To this day and the days to come, she’ll hold a special space in my heart for being the only ‘frienemy’ that I have. Our love-hate relationship brought us to where we are without realizing it. She was a wind beneath my wings. We might not share so much things as much as we want to now I know by heart we’ll remain the sister-friends that we are.

Love you forevs, Vines. ❤

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