Modern Day Heroes

It is obviously heart breaking to see how devastated the towns in the South were after Yolanda. Homes were destroyed, trees have fallen, and all that’s left were traces of storm surge and strong winds. Not to mention countless corpses and homeless families.

But the pains of watching the sad news drift away upon seeing my fellow Filipinos working hand in hand for the betterment of the situation.

1. Medical Volunteers. Groups of doctors, nurses and medics come together to the affected area as volunteers for the victims. It is during this time that we needed them the most. Because hospitals were also destroyed by the storm, sick and wounded people have nobody to rely on. Thank God to these volunteers who forgot about being paid for their profession to help the needy. Thanks also to the medical teams from other countries, as well as the medicines that was sent for free.

2. Navy. They were there to help in relief operations as well. I’m surprised that some of the US Navy were Filipinos.

3. Mothers. Apart from the medical team, there were mothers who voluntarily offer their milk to breastfeed the infants. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Donors. A lot of people did part in helping the victims. Whether you donated cash or in kind, as long as you did it wholeheartedly, you are no wonder a hero.

5. Volunteers. A volunteer was interviewed on TV and said: “I have no cash to give so I decided to volunteer so that I can still help them even in non-financial way”.

As there are many crimes happening around us, I am happy to know that good samaritans do exist and they’re even more and I wish they continue to multiply. Not because you are not financially stable doesn’t mean you cannot help. It’s just like saying ‘not because you are disabled doesn’t mean you’re unworthy’. We can help in the most little way, we should just be willing. Thank God for sending his angels.

You see I cannot keep from posting about Yolanda. I can’t help but think that if we were there, I’ll surely lose my parents. They’re both old and I am the only child to keep my parents company as my siblings all have their own family and home. If we were there, my parents will die, maybe not in the storm surge, but in hunger. And so I feel so blessed that the super typhoon didn’t hit Manila. So I grab every opportunity I have to help the victims. It’s my way of thanking God I have my family with me and sharing his blessings to the needy.

it is in these times that good samaritans come out. Thank you Lord, and thanks to all our modern heroes. In due time, Philippines will get through all of these.



“We are the world connected by a common bond
LOVE the whole planet sing it along”

– ymhej –

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