Happy birthday, Love.

He’s my friend, bestfriend actually. I tell him whatever I have on my mind. His single text message puts a smile on my face whenever I feel like frowning the whole day. And when I’m in a bad mood, his ‘I love you’ takes the stress away.

He’s the brother I never had, the protector I always wished for. Pinapagalitan nya ako like a terror dad but when I make face, he’d laugh at me. He never shout at me or even get mad. Nagmamake face lang sya na natatawa naman ako.

He’s my buddy. He goes wherever I am and he always make sure na sasamahan nya ako. He has his way of teaching me to stand on my own.

He gives me courage. He holds my hand when he knows I’m scared. He’d even exchange seat when he knows I’m doubtful sa katabi ko sa jeep. He’d give me hugs kapag alam nyang worried ako.

HE’s so seloso. One look from other ‘guys’ makes him ask ‘sino yun?’ in a sarcastic way. He is possessive. I can prove that by the way he holds my hand and embraces me.

He’s gentle and kind, and a loving partner and very caring. Yep, indeed the best.



As he turns twenty five, my wish for him is to achieve more and continue to be a blessing to the people around him.

And of course, I wish him more birthdays to celebrate together. ♥

Happy birthday, my fiance.

– ymhej –


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