Wonderful Surprise

I never knew it could be as much fondly as this when someone unexpected visited you.

Just this afternoon, Marian and I were surprised when Tatay C, with Kuya Allan paid us a visit. Last night, I texted Tatay C saying how much I miss him and hoping to see him the soonest possible time. And it was unexpected that I’ll see him in 24 HOURS! Oh well, we had merienda and shared a little chitchat.

Tatay C had been very dear to us since he became very fatherly to us when Energy FM booth is still in Nova. He, together with tatay Dan, kuya Allan and the rest of the braders became very close to us as we spent every mealtime all together in one table. How emotionally weak I turned to when they leave Nova. We used to occasionally see other, though. However, we, of course, have our own lives to live in our own offices.

Nevertheless, family will always be family. We may seldom see each other, but it’s the catching up that really matters, isn’t it? After all, as they say, it’s not the times you’ve missed but how you spend the times together. ♥

– ymhej –


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