January Joyride

First month of the year is over. In a few minutes, we’re saying hello to another month – February, the love month. But before we completely turn to the next page, let’s sort of reminisce a little of my January joyride.

Well, maybe because it’s the first month I didn’t have so much for January. No out of towns. And believe it or not, there’s not even a date for me and prince. We opted to stay at home. We learned not to go to malls on our day offs. What a miracle? Oh. I believe so. *haha* But it was just a start of a many more day offs to be spent at home rather than malling or going elsewhere. Call it a new year’s resolution.

I also had my first occasion with the Bons as Amber’s christening was held on the second week. I must say I am really becoming a part of them and I can definitely feel it! Wow!

January was not a good start for Energy FM though as we only had a few commercials to air. But I guess it’s a challenge we all have to face and I strongly believe that eventually, I’ll get back to my busiest days in the office with all the commercials back on air.

With my gerls, we had our first bonding when we decided to buy for our last exchange gift, which was held very, very late. Oh well, we even got Bill with us. It was simple and tiring. But being with my sisters at work is nothing but fun and worthwhile.

As the year started, I also began plotting some special events in my life. At least I’m starting to create my own path by now. And hopefully, with all my might and with all my powerful prayers, I’ll put them all in action. Start with saving up. Spend less. You know. 😀

January Joyride. It was just the beginning of the year and there’s not much happenings in my life. But I guess it’s the way it started that matters.

Oh well. There’s still a long way to go and eleven more months before another year arrives.

In the meantime, let’s say hello to the cupids flying all around us. February’s here. ♥

– ymhej –


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