I’m a kind of person who firmly believes that what’s done is DONE. So I always watch my moves. I don’t want to do something that people around me will talk about and be ashamed of. I definitely knew I can’t take back the wrong doings so I’m being extra careful. Taking control of everything? Honestly, yes, unconsciously. Happy or not? MAYBE. I don’t know. Sometimes, it seems to me that I’m living out to others’ expectations of me. I have to be watchful. I need to strictly follow the rules. I keep things to myself and hide my emotions. I can’t let it out. Or one or more person will get hurt and of course, by the way I was raised, that should not happen.

Rules vs. Judgments. People and family and friends. Protection. Respect. Love.


Self worth.

Welcome to my life. 🙂

– ymhej –


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