Learning the Other Side

Today’s the last day for our Monito-Monita. It was actually a surprise but it was fun exchanging gifts with Team A. Oh well, I knew from the beginning that it’ll really be fun. But to me, it was something new. I used to see them everyday since I was employed. I talk to them and laugh with them. But not really mingled with them… If you know what I mean. The first day I’ve been with them I told myself not to get along with them anymore. Not that I don’t like them, not all of them. Let’s just say that I really don’t belong. 

they say you’ll never know who the person really is until you had the chance to be with them. And maybe, my judgement took over for quite a while. Oh well, not that I feel that sense of belongingness now. It’s just that I have started getting along with them 1.) ‘coz I really do not have any choice at all; and 2.) ‘coz I finally want to learn to know them a little better. And holla! Not that I already know them all, but at least I’m learning to discover the positive side.


And though we can never be the kinds of colleagues that we should be, maybe it’s enough that we get along well at some points of our working days. 



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