Getting Married? Hmmm…


Four years and nearly four months. Well, that’s how long my boyfriend and I are going together. We go to places together. We even fight over silly things, oh, just like usual couples do. We laugh a lot and cried ourselves to sleep. For four years, we’ve been the best of friends while sharing our love for one another. And I think, so, far, it is indeed great!

There are days when I feel like I’m getting left behind by seeing pictures of friends getting married. I have to admit, a part of me feels a little jealous. But I am still not prepared for the life after my walk-down-the-aisle moment.

Yes, I know exactly what I want. I know exactly how I want my very own wedding to be. The question is, WHEN.

I’ve been hearing a lot about weddings lately. I don’t know if it’s a sign that I should plan my own, too. People’ve been asking, too, when do I plan to get married. They get either a smile or a tongue-out as an answer.

I never really imagined myself walking down the aisle. At least, not now. Not, until I heard my man talk about a few details on taking our relationship to the next level. Can hardly remember how did he started, but I’m sure he was the first one to open up. I have been dreaming of our wedding but I haven’t realized we’re going there.

Call myself a late bloomer. I was in a relationship for more than four years, yet, it feels like I am never getting married. Oh well, months and years don’t really matter when talking about love. You never know when you’re prepared enough for the next level. But of course, time passes by and with that, we are undeniably getting older.

In a matter of one, maybe two years from now, I may be finalizing details of my own marriage. Who knows it might happen for real? *wink*

Whatever. I just hope and pray that if that special day comes, I’m completely prepared and very willing to embrace what will be ahead of me, us, me and my husband to be at the moment and my future family. And that we maybe filled with love and understanding for the whole family.

And most of all, may almighty God bless us and guide the two of us in every decision that we make in building our future family. ♥


– ymhej –


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