Something New for 2013

Just that I read this on twiiter: “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”


Another year’s here. Why not try something different, right?


This afternoon, Marian was forcing us to fill up the MVP Olympics sign sheet. As much as Vine would like to join the 3K Run, I’m afraid I might fall in the middle of the competition knowing the asthmatic person I am. Well, I’ve never been a sporty person. As much as I hated people having pity on me, I never entrusted myself on such activities as marathons, sports competitions, and the likes. Anything that makes me really exhausted I always kept myself away from. 


But just as Vine said high-pitched, ‘it’s only a 3K run‘, felt like by adrenalin rush I agreed. Then it came to me, why not try something new this year? I haven’t involved myself in any physical activities. None, except our badminton sessions that we started before the previous year ended, as advised by my Ortho. 


I wasn’t that ready. I don’t run, even jog every morning. And I’m still afraid of what it may cause me. But I will never know until I give it a try. And who would know, this may be a good start. After all, I think I badly need a physical activity since my bones are starting to get weak. 


I ended signing up for the 3K Run and water relay. And still thinking if I’d be joining the cheerdance, as well. These are just little things but.. it reallly is my first time! *wink* 


Something new for this year. Let’s see what it will dofor the rest of my 2013. 


You should try something new, as well. 🙂



– ymhej –


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