13 more’s for 2013

1. More faith. Pray harder.

Strengthen your faith. Visit Him more often. And there’d be more possible things that you can do.

2. Work more.

Get up and stop being lazy. Work harder. Don’t depend on charms and moods. You should always wake up with the courage to accomplish your daily must-do’s.

3. Give more.

It’s better to give than to receive. Give, and do not expect something in return. Because expectations hurt. And when you’re hurt, there’s a lot of things that you could say, and a lot of emotions that could just ruin your day. So just give without any expectations.

4. Talk less.

Less talk, less mistake. As simple as that. Plus, always remember that action speaks louder than words. Better do something than promise.

5. Expect less.

Expectation only hurts. So better not expect or assume to avoid falling so hard on the ground.

6. More patience.

Everybody needs patience in every aspects of our everyday lives. Agree? Well, just that there are things that really gets to our nerves. Just remember to choose your battles.

7. Listen more.

Sometimes, it is in listening that we can help and learn even more

8. Read more.

There’s a lot of reading you must do this year. Why not do that in your spare time instead of wasting your time in non sense things?

9. Laugh more, cry less.

Laughter is the best medicine. Though crying may help sometimes, it’s more important to be on the positive side. There’s always a rainbow after the rain.

10. Live more.

Don’t spend the year trying to be someone you’re really not just to impress or to jive in. Be yourself and live your life your way.

11. More on the positive side.

Being pessimistic won’t help at all. Always bite on the bright side.

12. Love more.

It is important that we share love above everything else. It is in sharing love that we find friends and make them stay.

13. Begin again.

Waking up for another year doesn’t mean we just keep on doing things that we usually do. Remember every year to begin again and make the coming year better than the previous one.

Have a better year ahead!


– ymhej –


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