Trending 12 for 2012

Before I go on with 2013, let me have a brief sharing with you on what 2012 had in store for me. My trending 12 for 2012:

1. Bought my ever dreamt iPod Touch, all on my own expense.

2. Went to Hot Air Balloon fest in Clark and Panagbenga festival in Baguio.

3. Turned a year as a Kapatid.

4. Been with my AMD Family on my first department outing with them in Bataan.

5. Witnessed my eldest niece, Grace’s, college graduation as her guardian.

6. Celebrated my special day with my pamangkins.

7. Transferred as Radio Log Assistant and welcomed Marian to the group.

8. Been a part of the EnergyFM family, though they moved back to Estrata before July ended.

9. Relationship with Prince turned four. ♥

10. Had a one week vacation in Puerto Princessa.

11. Reunited with braders and tatays from EnergyFM and bestfriends Dhem and ate Joy.

12. Spent christmas with the kids. Best christmas ever!


These things only remind me of how much blessed I am for the year 2012. I don’t have any idea what’s in store for me on 2013. But whatever it may be, I am ready! I know God will never leave me. And so does my family and Prince.


2013 – another 365 days to spend with the people I hold close to my heart; another 12 months of travel and adventure; another year of learnings and experiences.


Thank you, dear Lord, for this coming year. 


May you also have another fruitful, peaceful and blessed year! ♥


Cheers to 2013!


 – ymhej – 


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