September to Celebrate

OMG! Ber months naaaa!! A line we usually hear when September comes because for most, it is the beginning of Christmas season. Pero bago tayo mag-give in sa Pasko feels, let's have a party muna as we have so much to celebrate during this month. Jela's 6th month. Time flies! We've hit the 6-month milestone … Continue reading September to Celebrate


Gone Too Soon – Kuya Chard

It is not what you've lost that matters. It is what you do with what is left. -Richardson Navor Ewan ko ba. Simula nung marinig ko ito kay kuya Chard e hindi ko na talaga nakalimutan. Hindi ko maalala saang speech niya ito sinabi. Basta tumatak to ng husto sakin at paulit-ulit ko itong pinapaalala … Continue reading Gone Too Soon – Kuya Chard

Hakab Na! 2019

In the celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, the BFP once again hosted the largest breast feeding event in the country, Hakab Na! 2019. Held on August 18 in SMX, it was joined by over 2,000 mothers who breastfed simultaneously to promote and spread awareness about breastfeeding and its benefits to every family, in general. Last … Continue reading Hakab Na! 2019

Isang Taong Chismisan sa Kapitbahay

August 8 - the day the GC was created. Nagsimula lang yon sa simpleng check-up ni Mak. Mula sa TFIOB GC, gumawa siya ng isa pang group chat na puro lang girls dahil nga usapang matres yon. Hindi ko nga rin alam bakit ako nasama don e. Looking back, it was awkward at first. Yung … Continue reading Isang Taong Chismisan sa Kapitbahay

Jhia & Jela’s Event Suppliers

Planning an event was never easy. What more a kiddie party. You always have to bear in mind that there will be kids kaya dapat lahat ng meron sa event mo is kid-friendly. Simula sa set-up ng venue hanggang sa program. And so, you have to choose the right best suppliers. In celebration of Jhia's 3rd … Continue reading Jhia & Jela’s Event Suppliers

Romantic Baboy Birthday Treat

To celebrate my birthday, we decided to eat at Romantic baboy. Nakiki-trend, samgyup naman for a change. Besides, parang ang mainstream ng Vikings o Yakimix o Dad's buffet pag birthday. Although such buffet offers free birthday treats kaya most would celebrate with them. E medyo costly ang per head naman. Hindi practical para saken lalo … Continue reading Romantic Baboy Birthday Treat

Lazaro Tagaytay Vacation House

On the first weekend of May, we went on an overnight staycation in Tagaytay as we celebrated ate's homecoming and my nephew's graduation. We stayed in a vacation house owned by the Lazaro's. Spacious, warm and cozy home that can accommodate up to 16 person, the Lazaro Tagaytay Vacation House is indeed a 'home away … Continue reading Lazaro Tagaytay Vacation House