Monasterio de Tarlac || Funnside Ningnangan

(Oh, crap! I was ready to write about this last week but then I seem to lose EVERYTHING I had in mind.) Life begins at 30, they say. I used to believe that age is just a number. Pero iba pala when you realize that you're aging. It seems like you suddenly make real plans … Continue reading Monasterio de Tarlac || Funnside Ningnangan


Our DIY King

Papa - he can fix almost everything. He has a vast knowledge of DIY things, especially at home. He built our house out of scrap materials from their projects back during the Modern Metal (their business) days. We started from scratch - from our home being just a mere building of hollow blocks. Over the … Continue reading Our DIY King

Past Dues

Told you, it's gonna be a busy month for us with all the invites and outings for the weekends of May. After our Baguio trip and Keisha's birthday for the first weekend, we've got back to back first birthday invites last May 12 and 13. First was Kristaps' christening and first birthday celebration held in … Continue reading Past Dues