Past Dues

Told you, it's gonna be a busy month for us with all the invites and outings for the weekends of May. After our Baguio trip and Keisha's birthday for the first weekend, we've got back to back first birthday invites last May 12 and 13. First was Kristaps' christening and first birthday celebration held in … Continue reading Past Dues


Weekend adBONtures

Weekend has never been busy until this summer! WHEW! But you know what? I like it even better cause truth is, it's only this year that we will be enjoying the summer this much! The first weekend of May was spent with family for family celebrations. Friday night, we had an overnight swimming in Almar … Continue reading Weekend adBONtures

Three Years.

"May mga katanungan talaga na ang Diyos lang ang makakasagot." I heard this while watching a TV Show last Saturday. And yes, isang bagay lang ang pumasok sa isip ko - my little angel. I've asked so many question that day of March 10, 2015 and several days after. Bakit nangyari yon? Bakit sa akin? … Continue reading Three Years.